2 February 2021 Methodist Local Preachers In The Virgin Islands 1858-2014

Methodist Local Preachers in the British Virgin Islands 1858 – 2015

Methodist Local Preachers in the British Virgin Islands 1858 – 2015
by Verna Penn Moll. Road Town, Tortola: British Virgin Islands (BVI): Methodist Circuit, 2015

This is a collective biography of BVI Methodist Local Preachers, who have passed on to their reward. It comprises full biographies and biographical notes. The work adds to the documentary heritage of the  BVI Methodist Church specifically, and so provides a resource where young people of the Church could find role models and encouragement to grow stronger in the faith. Additionally, the book adds genealogical research material for scholars and writers. The work has an index, five appendices, a  bibliography, and illustrations.


This biography of Methodist Local Preachers had its origin in the consciousness of author, Verna Penn Moll.  It sprang out of her desire to document the biographies of those lay preachers, whom she said  ‘spoke the  Word of God’ to us in their time: a time when Missionaries were scarce and getting around was not easy, particularly given the scattered nature of the Virgin Islands Circuit across several Islands, many characterised by rugged, hilly terrain.

It is a timely work: important, relevant, well researched and carefully documented.  I have great respect and admiration for the writer’s work as a poet and author. I commend this book, preserving our documentary and spiritual heritage, in gratitude to those preachers who have kept the faith and inspired hope in countless thousands. It will encourage and strengthen us all in the faith today. May all who read it know that the same God , who called our brothers and sisters then, is still calling us today”.  ( Charles A. Seaton, Superintendent Minister, 2012- 2015)

This is a well researched encyclopaedic account that captures in word and picture that far too often ignored and unsung stalwarts of our faith. It is a great endeavour that should be in the home libraries of all (BVI) British Virgin Island Methodists and others curious about the history of those who have played an integral part in the development of the Church’s footprint in the Territory.

The flame of Methodism has been kept alive in the BVI throughout the ages largely as a result of the work of Local Preachers. Those humble ‘sons and daughters of thunder. have left a rich heritage. This book goes a long way in giving them a bit of the prominence they deserve and preserves a legacy that is fast disappearing.” (Robert Mathavious PhD)

“This book brings the fine threads of gold woven in the tapestry of family and Methodist heritage up close. Perhaps the tapestry needs to be examined more closely, more often, by more of us, until we understand that we fully belong.”  (Beverley Donovan, Teacher and Researcher)

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  1. I have inherited letters written by my ancestors; they were missionaries in bvi/Antigua ; names are mentioned- Hirst is one. Does this person feature in your book? The dates are around 1820…I haven’t read all so maybe later as well. You might find them interesting? Am currently deciphering them.

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