2 February 2021 Legacy: Poems

Legacy: Poems

Legacy: Poems

Verna Penn Moll. England, UK: Cedar Tree Books, 1997.

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An anthology of poems in praise of the Virgin Islands but applicable worldwide, written while the author spent many years away from her native home.


Verna Penn Moll writes with simplicity of structure and a clarity that brings her subjects into sharp focus… strong and compelling, her imagery excites and involves… her flow of language draws you in.

Annie Taber (M. ED) Adult Community College, Colchester, England.

I admire Verna’s poems which seem to me to capture the authentic flavour and spirit of a wonderful corner of the Caribbean, where over fifty years ago, I worked as the first Education Officer.

( Thomas D. Green(M Ed.) York, England)

Here is a sampling:


In the land of my youth

the brown pelican dives


that fishermen may know

where fishes beat

in schools.

Sun shines through rain;

periwinkles smother weeds

along the roadside;

while the spreading


ignores drought.

The queen conch-shell

announces the catch

that breaks nets

and draws a village

to itself.

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