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Verna Penn Moll
Verna Penn Moll

Verna Penn Moll is an author who was born in the Virgin Islands where she also currently lives. Verna’s first novel, JOHNNY CAKE COUNTRY, found her living in the UK, as a free-lance writer and researcher in Caribbean history, folklore, and bibliography, in 1990. By 2004, she was back in the Virgin Islands and was appointed Chief Archivist and Records Management Officer.

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                              Poem of The Moment



For the Lenten Season

       Before the Cross of Calvary

Before the cross of Calvary,

Jesus went to Gethsemane

For solitude, prayer, and rest;

When His agony took the test

Jesus prayed in Gethsemane;

Three times He prayed, for you and me!


From joyous supper with his friends

He descended to dreaded ends

Stirred inside the brimming Cup:

God’s wrath upon humanity;

Come, keep watch and pray with me:

He uttered in Gethsemane!


Distressed, depressed, and squeezed and pressed

Cup’s contents crushed all human sense,

He fell, grounded face down, anguished

‘Abba! Save me from this hour!’

Come, keep watch and pray with me:

He uttered to the inner three!


Sore and overwhelmed with sorrow,

Temptation shot a straight arrow

To shun the cup of destiny;

Jesus submitted to God’s will!

Come, keep watch and with me:

He uttered to the inner three!


Deeper and deeper prayer with tears

Jesus cried in HIS FATHER’s ears,

The Abba heard, and ministered;

Charged boldness cried, ‘Thy will be done!’

Three times he prayed for you and me:

In the garden of Gethsemane!


No empathy from his best friends,

Alone, He paid the penalty

Down to the dregs, for you and me;

Jesus switched the Cup of Calvary

For Salvation’s Cup, full and free,

Blessings, Thanksgiving, Victory!

VPM 2o21


The Silence Of Gethsemane

‘Twas the silence
Of the garden
That heard the agony
Of conflict and struggle
Waging battle
With light and darkness.
It was settled
In the bitter cup
Of suffering
Ere the silence
Heard the agony
In dark Gethsemane.
From the moment
of acceptance
The cross loomed ahead
In gory ugliness,
Wilful cruelty
And bitter tastelessness.
But another garden
Lay just beyond
In resurrection light
And ransomed victory
Over darkness
And the silence of Gethsemane!
VPM 2016


For St Valentine’s Day


Love is Forever

Love is forever!
enduring as the sun;
Love’s not emotion on run
nor sours by the hour,
Love’s a creative power.

Love is forever!
Though often somersaulting
like erupting volcano;
‘Til flames touch the skies
praying that love never dies.

Love catches the ray
of evening’s setting sun
slipping beneath blindsight,
The World’s on its cycle run
as it turns night to light.

Love is forever!
If eclipsed by shadows cast,
They too will finally pass;
Even total eclipses
Never ever really last.



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